Why Choose Us For Your Cryoskin Treatments?

Specially Trained Staff

The staff here at The Spa by B. A. is specially trained to assist with your Cryoskin treatment. Our friendly and professional stylists strive to maintain an atmosphere where clients can get pampered and rejuvenated.

Our Equipment & Facility

Our state of the art facility contains the most modern equipment available to deliver these specialized services, and meets or exceeds the highest quality standards of safety and infection control.

Proven Results

Studies have shown on subjects ages 18-68 that CryoSlimming treatments helped improve waist circumference, weight, and BMI. During a Cryoskin 3.0 study, an average loss of 1.64″ around the waist, an average weight loss of 8.16 lbs, and a 4% overall BMI decrease occurred.

Why Cryoskin?

What’s known as the Peltier Effect gives Cryoskin precise temperature control to help create the perfect conditions to reduce fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. The body calls on the lymphatic system to send macrophages, or large white blood cells, to come and consume the fat debris after the cold temperature has destroyed the fat cell. Unlike some slimming services which can actually damage your skin, Cryoskin is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. To ensure your body’s lymphatic system has time to recover, CryoSlimming treatments are done every 2 weeks, leaving you to look and feel amazing.

Benefits of Cryoskin:

Reduce Inches

Reduce Cellulite

Reduce Wrinkles

Smooth Skin


Zero Side Effects

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Cold temperatures, when applied to fat cells trigger what’s known as apoptosis, or “programmed cell death”. This is a process which naturally occurrs in your body all the time. Applying sub-zero temperatures in targeted areas during Cryoskin treatments induces apoptosis; targeting fat cells and eliminating body fat. This revolutionary science and cutting-edge technology is used by our trained experts at Bella Amici Spa and our clients have achieved incredible results.


CryoSlimming, along with CryoToning and CryoFacials have helped our patients in the Pittsburgh, PA area lose inches in targeted areas of their body and improve their skin’s appearance while reducing lines and wrinkles. These natural and non-invasive methods have our clients feeling rejuvenated and confident.

3 Cutting-Edge Cryoskin Applications


Lose inches

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Improve skin appearance

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Reduce lines and wrinkles

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Is Cryoskin Right For You?

Still deciding on whether to try Cryoskin for slimming and toning? This clinically proven body contouring treatment lasts 20-40 minutes, is non-invasive, and has no side effects or downtime. Cryoskin uses cold temperatures to reduce fat and tone/tighten the skin. These non-invasive sessions result in slimmer, toned bodies and the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles via 3 options: CryoSlimming for fat reduction, CryoToning to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and CryoFacial to tone and tighten your skin. Clinical observations of these methods have been shown to decrease fat and improve skin appearance.


Adults of any age can benefit from this cutting-edge technology. Call and speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff at The Spa by B. A. in Pittsburgh, PA to schedule an appointment for your Cryoskin treatment today.